New Year's Eve party in Tatralandia

New Year's Eve party in Tatralandia

New Year's Eve party in the pools until the early morning

The biggest party of this year?

Definitely in Tatralandia! Spend the last night of this year in swimwear and with an exotic drink in your hand. Night swimming, water attractions, adrenalin water slides and a peaceful sauna world are ready and the amusing night lasts until 3:00. In the morning. Pools become the dance floor and swimwear with crazy New Year’s Eve accessories are the only suitable outfit.

Enjoy the best party ever! KALI is coming on the last day of the year to make everybody dance with his Summer Forever hit. Plus a non-stop disco and beautiful dancers promise an unforgettable night. Have fun with crazy competitions or a battle of the sexes. A raffle cannot be missing on New Year’s Eve either, right? This year, the prices will be amazing.

Who can say they have celebrated New Year’s Eve on a tropical island? Well, everybody who comes to Tatralandia. The guaranteed water temperature is above 30°C, there are live tropical plants everywhere around, snorkelling and surfing are within reach and to have a refreshing Piňa Colada, one needs to hold out their hand to the Barbados pool bar only.

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