Holiday voucher

Stay with us in Tatralandia and use your holiday voucher

With us, you can use a holiday voucher from your employer in up to three ways.

Method 1: Issue an invoice

We will issue an invoice for your accommodation, on the basis of which your employer will reimburse you 55% of the paid stay (the maximum of this contribution is set at € 275 per calendar year). The condition is that such a stay must be for a minimum of 2 nights. We will issue an invoice to you for the billing information of one of the guests who will want to write the document. If you have any special requirements from the employer that you need to include everything in the document, please let us know in time.

Method 2: Accept the Callio card

We also accept holiday vouchers in the form of a Callio card.

Method 3: Acceptance of holiday vouchers from Benefit Plus

We also accept holiday vouchers from Benefit Plus.

If you have additional questions about holiday vouchers, you can contact us at any time .
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